Age of the Ashers (The Petros Chronicles Book 1)

My Summary: Chloe is an Asher, a powerful being that receives a special ability on the day she turns eighteen. However, she lives in a society that is dominated by fear—one that is ruled by a cruel and evil religious group that follows the Greek gods. Everything revolves around pushing Greek mythology as the truth and enforcing the idea that the citizens are to obey without question and to report anything or anyone out of the ordinary. But what if there is more to the story? What if this dystopian government has gone out of its way to hide the existence of the one God who could free them all?


My Rating: 5/5

My Review: Uhh, I have a problem—one where when a book is really good, I hesitate to finish it. It’s an instinctual act of preservation, I’m guessing, that started with things like food and other necessities that has apparently spilled over into my recreational activities. I catch myself avoiding the end of a series on Netflix when I know it’s been canceled and there won’t be any more waiting for me when I’m done. If I don’t see the ending, I won’t have to admit that it’s over. That is why Age of the Ashers took me so long to finish.

Age of the Ashers is a rare gem I don’t find every day when offered a book for review. It has it all and then some. The plot is unique, there is rich backstory, the author’s voice is elegant and easy to follow. There is fear, control, betrayal, sacrifice, but there is also redemption, spirituality, hope, love, faith . . .

The author makes faith such a crucial necessity in this story.  I felt I was reading more than just a book with interesting characters and a well-thought-out plot. I felt like I was reading an invaluable message woven into a uniquely captivating story. And sometimes, we need little messages like that to help us find our way again—to remind us of what it’s like to stand against the giants in the name of something even greater, to give it all for a cause that’s bigger than ourselves.

I hope I’ll have time to read the sequels. My backlist isn’t too very long at the moment, so I will have to come back to this series and find out what happens next. But this isn’t a series I plan to forget about. On the contrary, this is an author I wouldn’t mind knowing. I strongly recommend this book if you like Christian Lit with a twist on Greek mythology.

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