Alive at Sunset by Kayla Krantz

 Alive at Sunset by Kayla Krantz

Book Blurb: Revenge can become an obsession of its own. After her high school experience, Luna Ketz moved on. She’s in college, studying to be a doctor, and lives an hour away from her old home in Lima, Ohio–where the worst of her memories lie. Three years have passed since her friend Violet’s death and the thought of that day in the woods hasn’t left her mind once. Every week, she visits the hospital where Chance Welfrey remains in a coma. She tries to move on…wants to move on…until once again, she receives a phone call from Max Cazmea warning her that things may not be over just yet.

Chance, having recovered from his recent coma, shows up on her doorstep. He has found a way into Luna’s life that she cannot escape–he’s dating her roommate, Amanda Grey. Back in her life once more, Chance has a list, and everyone on it ends up dead. As things escalate, Luna finds herself in a dangerous game of cat and mouse that will take all of her wits to survive.
*Warning: This book contains content that may be disturbing to some including rape and graphic violence.*

My Rating: 5/5

My Review: All I can say is: wow. I didn’t think the story could get more intense than Dead by Morning, the first book in the Rituals of the Night series, but I was wrong. The craziest part is how even the slow moments brought me to so many twists and turns that I hated to stop reading when real life came calling. Alive at Sunset took me much longer to finish than I’d wanted. I would have kept reading to the end in one sitting if given the opportunity. 

The plot was strong and engaging, the characters diverse and well-developed, and the ending satisfying. To be honest, I was actually a little sad at how it turned out but only because the author made me feel and understand each character’s motivations until I almost rooted for everyone to just make peace and work things out. I had to remind myself multiple times of Chance Welfrey’s many crimes because it became difficult to see him as the antagonist. But, I guess we all see ourselves as the protagonist in our own story, even if we’re the villain in someone else’s. 

Alive at Sunset is slightly darker than Dead by Morning, but that might have been what made it more interesting. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in psychological thrillers and I can’t wait until the third one is published. 

Alive at Sunset won’t be released until November 15th, but you can preorder the paperback here for $12.00.

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