Backwoods Cryptography by Ryan Morrison

Blurb: Encrypted lyrical poems of real life struggle and strives. Ryan Morrison was raised to walk on faith, follow the signs on this road laid out for us. Life is a journey with change of plans, people, the unexpected. Proud of his down home raising, was taught to keep his life simple, but his dreams wide open. A man’s worth comes from working hands, but gentle enough to lift those up in need. From a long line of farmers, mechanics, musicians, blue collar-small town country folks. The fields, backwoods, backroads, dirt roads all have taught him how to slow down when things get bumpy. No stranger to hard times and loss. When life throws dust in your eyes, wipe them off and see again. God, family, friends is your strength. The backwoods is your piece of mind.

My Rating: 5/5

My Review: Though the grammar could be improved upon, I really enjoyed the poems in this collection. The stories told are real and from the heart and the emotions conveyed are raw and honest. The author doesn’t hold back out of fear like some of us tend to do. Highly recommended!

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