Crimson Frost Paperback Designed and Ready To Go

Hey guys, I redid the covers to both Fire and Ice and Crimson Frost, and I’m playing around with updating The Vanquished now. There aren’t major changes, just the added ATAI badge the books earned and a bit of updated branding/syncing going on to make books one and two consistent. Here are the covers, and in a few days I’ll let you guys know when the paperbacks are available for purchase.

In the meantime, the first book, Fire and Ice, will be free tomorrow only (12/20/17). That should give anyone who hasn’t, a chance to read it so they’ll be ready to dive into Crimson Frost. They’re also available on Kindle Unlimited for anyone subscribed. And if you have read Fire and Ice and haven’t yet posted a review, it needs all the love it can get. Here they are. Let me know what you guys think in the comments!

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