“Janz, Val, Elyse, even Alec—they were only ever worried about protecting the girl whose power could theoretically bring a universe to its knees—not the ones who gave her life meaning despite the pain it caused.”

Two months ago, Saphiris Midhe’ lost everything. Orphaned and troubled after barely surviving the onslaught Demetri and his followers launched against her, Saphiris refuses to give up on her quest to avenge her family and her mission to rescue the two loved-ones the ancient shadow-wielder holds captive. A Shade claiming to be Alec’s informant shows up with gut-wrenching news. Demetri will kill Phoenix in three days unless she and Alec form a plan to intervene—a plan that might even release Alec from the covenant he made. She’s closer than she’s ever been to saving them both. If she can just learn to fully control her elemental outbursts, she will be unstoppable. But the raw grief from her recent loss is crippling, and new information suggests she may not be the Aldurian Princess everyone thought she was. In book two of The Aldurian Chronicles, Saphiris is led on a journey of self-discovery, growth, and healing as she comes into her own and learns the truth of her past once and for all.