Deception (Invasion Series #1) by Mackayla Daniel

Book Blurb: What would happen to the world if we knew aliens existed? 

Two weeks ago, a US military jet disappeared from radar 280 miles northwest of Fairbanks, Alaska. Twelve hours after the official investigation terminated, a clandestine group of aliens known as the Alliance, launches a search and rescue helicopter to find the downed aircraft. 
As a full-blooded Nobian warrior, Captain Jessica Windsor thinks it’s time the men in her life, her father, an illustrious general, and the arrogant Colonel Orlov, understand she has a mind of her own. She’s on board the secret recovery flight, prepared to use her supernatural skills to keep them all alive. But a sinister force tracks their movements and sets up an ambush. Crewmembers die and Jessica’s in a battle for her life. 
Alliance officer, Colonel Alexander Orlov is the commander of the Rapid Response Team, an elite unit of soldiers known for their vicious counterstrikes to terrorist attacks. When the helicopter crashes, his team’s mission is to locate survivors and determine whether the evidence indicates foul play. What he discovers doesn’t surprise him: the Korelians are here and have an evil agenda. 
Together, Jessica and Alex venture deeper into the dangers of hostile Korelians bent on a centuries’ old revenge. However, when Alex learns completing their goal depends on Jessica mating a Korelian warlord, he takes matters into his own hands. Romantic skirmishes occur, and the biggest ones are on the frontlines of the bedroom. 
The future of humankind is uncertain as the aliens’ battle over the planet. If the Nobians lose the war, the Korelians will enslave and breed us like cattle. 
Now you know the truth. The aliens are here. They are your neighbors, coworkers and friends. Stay Vigilant. Be aware of your surroundings, and keep your doors locked because that creaking or odd sounding bump in the night just might be a Korelian lurking in the shadows. 
Merging real-life historical events with the author’s vivid imagination, DECEPTION, the first book in the Invasion series, is a fast-paced paranormal thriller with enough action and romance to keep readers enthralled. 

My Rating: 3/5

My Review: Deception wasn’t my cup of tea for a number of reasons, but it also kept me reading for other reasons.

The overall plot kept me entertained and wanting to read more. In the beginning I liked the characters, could relate to Jessica’s emotions, and was on her side the entire way. I liked that Jessica came off as a badass—which she should have because she was a trained agent and an alien with elemental abilities. I liked the world the author created, and the relationship between her and Alex kept me reading. 

After a while, the characters started to change and their dialogue became a bit unrealistic. It felt like the story turned from sci-fi/romance to soft porn with a lot of scenes that were more on the funny/satirical side than sensual. If that was the author’s intention, then she hit the mark. I laughed out loud more than once.

Though I enjoyed reading about Alex and Jessica’s relationship, I didn’t quite follow the quick transition from love/hate to hot and heavy romance. It seemed to just happen out of the blue, and Jessica spends the better half of the story after that trying to resist throwing herself at him.

Deception is more focused on portraying Alex as the perfect man, which means Jessica’s strengths and independence lose out to his unrelenting chivalry, heroism, and bossiness. I didn’t really appreciate just how much Jessica changed to become submissive and dependent on Alex. I feel like the two could have compromised and stayed their own unique selves while making things work.

Maybe I’m wrong, maybe I didn’t pay enough attention, but I felt confused by the different alien races’ abilities. The two seemed oddly similar in their mating rituals, which were so different from humans, that it felt a little too coincidental and unrealistic. Maybe they’re close kin somehow?

I also felt like her family and friends took a back burner to the romance in a gigantic way. The main focus of the story was romance/sexual tension, but the other stuff could have been polished to function better and take more precedence to make for a more interesting story.

Overall, there were many times I felt the author did a good job of holding my interest and I could really appreciate Deception. I stayed up all night reading it. So it was a good story, even if some things felt poorly thought out. If you can suspend your disbelief for a few hours and laugh at the awkward descriptions, I think you’ll have no problem enjoying Deception

I recommend Deception for an entertaining read if you’re looking for something along the lines of satirical/male domination/light erotica/steamy romance with strong sci-fi elements.

You can get it on Amazon for $2.99.

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