Fire and Ice Teaser

It’s been months since the accident on Asher Creek bridge that nearly claimed Allie’s life. She hasn’t heard from her boyfriend Phoenix since the fire station went up in flames, and she’s no closer to finding the man who saved her from drowning that night. To make matters worse, she’s somehow lost the elemental abilities that connected her to Phoenix—something she once believed only they shared. Vivid, unrelenting dreams have kept her searching for answers. Phoenix is in danger—she knows it. But, now they’ve found her: familiar, official-looking men who act nothing like the federal agents they impersonate. To keep her family safe, Allie decides to leave the only home she’s known since she was two years old and search for Phoenix on her own. But, others have different plans for her. The man who saved her returns, and he isn’t alone. A powerful, evil cult leader is after Allie, and she has no choice but to accept the protection of an unexpected ally who holds the answers to secrets from her past. Every step brings her dangerously close to finding Phoenix and discovering her real identity, but the truth is far worse than she ever could have imagined.

Jessica Victoria Fisette expertly blends fantasy, science fiction, and young adult fiction into this fascinating novel. Her mysterious, descriptive style of writing only adds to the experience, making Fire and Ice even more memorable and enchanting. With a captivating, unique plot and relatable, multi-faceted characters, Fire and Ice shows a great deal of promise for its future sequels in The Aldurian Chronicles. –Originally critiqued by a member of the Authors Talk About It Team (4 Stars)

“Very nice job! Good pace and movement to the story. Story told in a manner that kept the reader interested in getting to the next chapter.” –Reviewed by Lyra 2016 Contest Judge 4/5

Gosh this was fast paced. Just when you think all hope is gone, something occurs or someone appears to help Saph, or just when it’s all looking rosy, something occurs and it all goes pear shaped. It’s very well written and enjoyable, ok I’m on holiday but I whizzed through in just a few hours, great fun. Now I need to look up what other books are available in this series.
Thanks Jessica a really good read. –A. Glenister (UK) 4/5

This is a fast paced read with many twists and turns I didn’t see coming. I thought it was just going to be about paranormal abilities, but then the author throws some surprises in there about how certain characters got their abilities. I won’t spoil it because it’s not really revealed until further into the book. The book is told in first person and we find out these things as the main character does. She has gaps in her memory from a car accident. We also find out about why she has those later.
I started this book before bed, then had an extended wait at the doctors office and mowed through the book during my wait. The book is almost nonstop action or plot twists from the main character’s past. We get to see the main character learn to use her abilities through out the book because after her accident, she thinks she has lost them.
I think anyone who likes paranormal with plot twists would enjoy this one –JB 5/5

Fast paced and thrilling!
There is no pain grater than the pain of death of your loved ones. Unfortunately, Allie knows and believes that her boyfriend is not yet dead. The night they had an accident, where Allie couldn’t save Phoenix, has got mysteries that are not to be unveiled. Join Allie in her quest to testify what she believes is true or not.
Great things happened at the very unexpected moments. There are many surprise factors like that. Well-shaped and at few points, spell-binding, Fire and Ice is an adventurous, bold and classy read. Because it is action-packed and engaging, you can finish it within few hours.
When the protagonist’s past is discussed, you can not help but getting involved with her life and experience the same grief she goes through. She also discovers that some intriguing powers are within her just to be discovered. Since then, Allie’s voyage is full of suspense and hope.
The book can be summed up in various genres like Sci-fiction, paranormal and amazing action.
Ice and Fire is one of those books that you would want to read multiple times. It keeps the reader interested from page 1 to the last pages.
I must look into what other books are in the series. Recommended for fantasy readers! –Archit 5/5

Allie must find her boyfriend, Phoenix, even though she can’t really remember the night he disappeared. She crashed her car into a river and almost drowned, but she’s sure he’s still alive though her family and friends think he’s dead. When the stranger who saved her live that night appears, Allie finds that there is much more to her story.
This book has it all: some sci-fi, some paranormal, fighting, battles, and high-speed chases. This first book of The Aldurian Chronicles is a promising start to this series. It’s not the type of book I’d normally read, but I enjoyed the storyline, especially Allie’s backstory. –Mainer 4/5

Fire and Ice, A phenomenal journey that will leave you concerned about your new found friends within the pages and wanting more.
As I opened the first page of this book, I had no idea what to expect. I read often, and I find myself disappointed often. Wow, the story line is creative, and Jessica’s ability to both build and introduce characters is phenomenal. I read this book in a single evening, because I simply wanted more. The plot twists, the mystery, the passion, the unknown, the supernatural, all come together for a ride that will leave you longing for more. I am ready for the second book. I highly recommend Fire and Ice! –James R. Clarkon 5/5

This is not my usual choice for genre but I am so glad I took the chance. Jessica paints a very vivid picture with her writing which helps readers like me feel like they’ve become part of the scene instead of just reading words in a book. This is a great story of self discovery mixed with suspense. You won’t be disappointed. I will definitely be checking out more of Jessica’s work. If you give it a try – you will not be disappointed. –TMCarlson 5/5

Exciting book full of twists and turns! I enjoyed reading this book. Great characters with interesting back stories. There were no lulls in this book. It kept me reading it straight through with plenty of action. I will definitely be reading the next book in this series. I can’t wait to find out what happens next! –Melinda Piper 5/5

Very good book. Loved it. –Kindle Customer Satisfaction 5/5

If you love a good alien story… Fire and Ice is the beginning of yet another brilliant series by the talented Miss Fisette. I don’t usually read stories about aliens but this one was so different and alluring that I was drawn right in. This story follows the MC, Allie, as she discovers the truth of who she really is, where her powers come from, and most importantly, what happened on the night her soulmate, Phoenix, disappeared. When the secrets of Allie’s life are finally revealed, she’s taken on a journey full of suspense, fear, and hope.
This story will pull you in right at the start, making you want answers as badly as Allie herself. Highly recommended! –Kayla Krantz 5/5