Strange voices in the quiet, figures appearing and disappearing, phantom lullabies in the nursery… How long would you tell yourself it wasn’t real? Anne is a young wife and mom struggling with chronic fatigue syndrome and depression along with visits from the other side. Whatever is going on, Anne can’t deny the occurrences seem targeted at Steffy, her little girl. Every time she loses herself to the strange visions from the accident that nearly claimed her life months ago, she returns to her own voice comforting her daughter in the wind or a translucent figure towering over her bed. What does it want, and how can she make it go away? Find out in this spooky short story full of suspense and mystery.

I don’t usually read shorts stories but I wanted a feel for this authors writing before buyting her books. I’m glad I chose to start with Fragments.
I got caught up in the story very quickly. I had goose bumps nearly the whole time I was reading. I won’t give away anything for future readers but will say with the authors style of writhing you will feel the fear right along with Anne. –Amazon Customer 5/5

Short stories are a dime a dozen, and I have enjoyed many on several occasions. However, it is always difficult for a short story or flash ficton writer to develop a story so well that it leaves the reader with a sense of completion. Fragments, is one of the few that gave me such a feeling.
I refuse to give anything away out of respect for the author and future readers, but you won’t be disappointed.
As soon as the story begins, the author has you captured with beautifully woven words and imagery. You feel the distress, confusion, and isolation of the protagonist. You become part of the story.
The plot is evenly pace so it doesn’t get too rushed or too slow, it’s in the Goldilocks zone, if there was one for written works. It doesn’t leave you feeling like there was something missed or forgotten.
The author does fantastic in describing and making you feel what is transpiring, even with simple things such as burning a pot of beans… The realism is astounding.
Nearing the end I felt the panic and I am still a bit jittery while recollecting the events that transpired.
I’ll stop there for fear of divulging too much. It is an interesting perspective and original piece that the author has written. All in all, it is a must read! –Ashley Kelahlyah 5/5

In all honesty i was confused by the events unfolding. Being a short story, i think confusion comes with the territory. That being said, the emotions conveyed were palpable. Its difficult to read without holding your breath at least once. The fear, the helplessness, the paralyzing uncertainty was almost tangible. I look forward to getting more of the story so my mind will stop racing with possibilities. –TLC 4/5

At first I felt somewhat confused about what was going on, but so was the main character. So this confusion was used in an interesting way to help the reader place themselves in the character’s shoes. A nice short read that keeps you hoping to find answers for the confusion on the next page. –Melinda Piper 5/5

Fragments is a short story that will instantly captivate your imagination with the way the story depicts a young mother in distress. I won’t give anything away here but this short story is guaranteed to capture your imagination with suspenseful imagery! Thanks to the author for writing this fine short story. –Amazon Customer 5/5

As with all great stories, I was left wanting more. I look forward to having the time to read The Vanquished and other future endeavors by the author. –Jennifer 5/5

I read this and found it to be quite enjoyable. I loved the ending and the modern take on an age old story which made it fresh. It was an easy read and kept me guessing till the end. –Amazon Customer 5/5

Quick and powerful psychological short story that kept me guessing right up until the end, and after I finished reading, I had to sit and think about what I had read. Chilling! –Kayla Krantz