Free Promotion for Fragments

Hey guys, 

I want to start off by saying thank you to everyone who has requested an advance copy of Fragments for review, and for the reviews I have and I’m sure will receive in the future. Reviews help a new work get noticed, so my biggest goal right now is to find reviewers for both Fragments and The Vanquished while I fine-tune Fire and Ice to make it ready for publication (You can actually check out the first chapter of that right here, but I’ve decided not to post the entire work on WriteOn). 

I’ve enrolled Fragments in KDP select in order to increase exposure and today I just scheduled a free Halloween promo starting tomorrow. So from Oct. 28th through Nov. 1st Fragments will be available for free download on Kindle. Please go download a copy during that time and, if you have a few extra minutes after reading, leave a review. 

You can actually leave a review without ever leaving your kindle app if you turn the pages all the way to the end, select your preferred star rating and add a few words. Amazon sends the review to the product detail page for you. It’s really that simple. 

The sale starts tomorrow and since it’s a little bit on the spooky side, it’s just in time for Halloween. All right, now it’s back to critiquing a fellow writer’s work, reading a book I’ve requested to review, and working on Fire and Ice. In the middle of all that I might even find time to exercise. Who knows? Until next time …
Jessica Fisette is the author of The Vanquished, the first book in The Soul Reaper series, and Fragments, a short story. Her hobbies include discovering the benefits of natural medicine, wine tasting, and trying new recipes in the kitchen. She likes to unwind by typing out a scene or two in her latest obsession or indulging in a good book. Having been passionate about writing since she was a little girl, she is constantly coming up with new ideas for future stories and creating unique, strongwilled- albeit flawed- characters to overcome the difficult obstacles she places before them.

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