New Release! Reigning Fire

The third book in The Aldurian Chronicles, Reigning Fire, is now available on Amazon!

Saph has grown so much since discovering her identity. She’s settled into her new life and she’s come quite far in her training with Janz, Val, and Elyse. Her commitment to becoming strong enough to avenge her family has forced her to push past her limits and become the Aldurian Warrior she was always meant to be, but there is a darkness growing inside her—one she struggles in secret to understand—one that demands to be fed no matter the cost. When Val and Elyse go missing on a Peacekeeper Assignment in result of civil tensions on Alduria, Archos agrees to use his forces to rescue them only if Saph will formally announce her support of Archos’ reign—by marrying him. Janz and Alec send Saph on an assassin’s mission—one they feel she’s more than ready for and she is more than happy to take on—to save their Iranyus before it’s too late. If Archos is taken out of the equation, Saphiris will become ruler of Alduria by default. But when the situation goes awry, Saph is isolated from her brothers and forced to team up with a masked man she’s not even sure is on her side. With her sisters’ lives on the line, everything is riding on Saphiris completing her mission without getting caught—or worse.

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