The Reapers (The Hunted Series Book One) by Ali Winters

My Summary: Nivian is one of the best reapers in existence. She finishes her marks in a fraction of the time it takes the others and is one of the most trusted and higher ranking. But when reapers begin to go missing in the presence of her new mark, she begins to question everthing she thinks she knows and the limits of her powers become uncertain.

My Rating: 5/5

My Review: The Reapers is rich in backstory and well-developed characters. I could almost see Nivian, Caspian, Kain, and even Silas. Each character had its own personality and way of reacting and moving. It didn’t take much effort for my imagination to go to work developing out the scenes on the pages. The interactions between the characters were realistic and I could almost feel the emotion conveyed.

I liked that the romance didn’t completely overshadow the main plot and wasn’t the main focus of the story. The characters were mature and acted their age. The ones who were ancient didn’t act like teenagers, and this didn’t feel like a cliched young-adult novel in any way. The characters didn’t have to act out to show their personalities. Ali Winters revealed their emotions by what they didn’t say and I consider that a success.

There is telling every now and then, but it’s so little that I felt like I was right in the moment with the characters—the majority of it is showing. I normally don’t like POV jumps between the different characters but Ali does it so well that it’s a smooth transition each time.  The Reapers is a fast paced novel full of action and plot twists that keep you guessing until the very end. I cannot wait for the next book in the series and hope to read it soon. Good job.

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