The Vanquished Promo 99 Cents or Free Through KU

Hey guys, I wanted to let you know that my novel The Vanquished has been lowered to .99 cents for a limited time, and it’s been enrolled in Kindle Unlimited. If you’ve been waiting to check it out now is your chance. Here’s the link and I hope you enjoy it! 

The Vanquished: Amazon
Summary: In this paranormal romance, Kendra Stephens only wants to survive her first semester at Braxton Law without flunking out. However, she can’t seem to catch a break from the horrid nightmares and dangerous, unexplainable happenings that only seem to worsen at the meeting of the alluring Alaric A’mswirth, a mysterious man whom she suspects to be the cause of her terrors—and is undeniably the reason she’s still alive. A man who, one minute, is about to kiss her and, the next, appears to want nothing to do with her. Kendra doesn’t remember him or how they are connected, yet as memories begin to resurface, she vows to uncover the truth about the residents of the strange town she now calls home and the man that haunts her dreams. She soon realizes that nothing is as it seems as she is plunged into a world filled with trickery, betrayal, and dark desire.



Jessica Victoria Fisette is the author of The Vanquished, the first book in The Soul Reaper Series. Her hobbies include discovering the benefits of natural medicine, wine tasting, and trying new recipes in the kitchen. Her greatest blessing is her daughter, who teaches her more about goodness, love, and life than she ever imagined. She likes to unwind by typing out a scene or two in her latest obsession or indulging in an intriguing fantasy/romance. Having been passionate about writing since she was a little girl, she is constantly coming up with new ideas for future stories and creating unique, strong-willed—albeit flawed—characters to overcome the difficult obstacles she places before them. Having spent all her life in rural Southeast Texas, she appreciates the tranquility of country living and hopes to implement such a love for nature into her beautiful, ever-so-curious little girl.

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