In this paranormal romance, Kendra Stephens only wants to survive her first semester at Braxton Law without flunking out. However, she can’t catch a break from the horrid nightmares and dangerous, unexplainable happenings that only worsen at meeting Alaric A’mswirth, a mysterious man whom she suspects to be the cause of her terrors–and is undeniably the reason she’s still alive. A man who, one minute, is about to kiss her and the next wanst nothing to do with her. Kendra doesn’t remember him or how they are connected, yet as memories resurface she vows to uncover the truth about the residents of the strange town she now calls home and the man that haunts her dreams. Nothing is as it seems as she is plunged into a world filled with trickery, betrayal, and dark desire.

Wow! What a ride!
When Kendra moves to Elkridge to begin her first semester of grad school, she isn’t prepared to meet the mysterious stranger, Alaric. There’s something about him that seems familiar to her, but she just can’t put her finger on it. Settling into college turns out to be easier than expected…except for her daily nightmares which grow worse with each passing day. An unsettling feeling grows in Kendra’s gut that Alaric seems familiar. Does he have something to do with her nightmares…and how can she get them to stop?
This book started off so normal to me, I never would’ve guessed all the crazy things that happened toward the end! I mean that in the best possible way. With necromancers, time travel, and zombies this book is the ultimate page-turning adventure. Oh! And don’t forget romance. If you’re looking for a read that has a little bit of multiple genres blended together to pack the ultimate punch, look no further!
Needless to say, I can’t wait to see where the author goes with these characters in the rest of the series! –Kayla Krantz 5/5

I fell in love with the characters. I love the descriptive paragraphs that did a wonderful job of sparking the imagination. I loved the plot which was just different enough that it didn’t seem to be the same oh, same oh love story. I can’t wait for the next book in the series to be written so I can read it. I will definitely be following this author as she progresses in her writing. –Melinda Piper 5/5

I read this book as the beta and it was good. Now that it is completely finished it is GREAT. I love the plot, the characters, and how everything flowed together. Great book I definitely suggest this book to everyone I know who is looking for something to read. thanks jessica CANT WAIT FOR THE SECOND BOOK –Amazon Customer 5/5

If you like paranormal romance, I’d definitely recommend this book. It’s a fun read with interesting plot and characters. The writing can be a little rough around the edges sometimes, but it was easy to ignore because the story moved along well, especially the second half of the book which has a lot of reveals and action. Overall I think this is a solid debut novel that any romance fan would enjoy. –Amazon Customer 5/5

I loved this book I thought it did a great job setting up, and I thought the battle in the end sounded like one of many to come. (After all it is the first in the series) I am not a grammar Nazi like some that write reviews. However I love to read and thought this book keep me entertained and interested. I recommend it for a good read and want to see where the story goes from here. –Amazon Customer 5/5

From beginning to end this book captures your attention and opens you up to a world we can only dream of. I really enjoyed reading this and look forward to reading what else is to come! –Amazon Customer 5/5

I loved this book. I have asked Santa to being me the following book in the series. –Amazon Customer 5/5

“[The Vanquished] captivated me from the first chapter. … [It] was one that I didn’t want to put down … I felt I was watching it happen. … your book had me on the edge … all that I read was very satisfying. I loved the end. I’ll be reading this one over and over till you finish the second book.” –Anonymous

“ … [The Vanquished] held my interest from the beginning. … The point-of-view was clear throughout the book. … the dialogues were vivid and real. … I would have liked to know more about a few of the characters who played a small, yet significant part of the story … I did feel like some of the descriptions that Kendra made were too in-depth at parts. … I think there was enough [conflict, tension, and intrigue] to keep my interest without going overboard … I would have liked the fight scene [at the end] to have been a little more in-depth. … Your writing style is wonderful. I didn’t feel like I was reading your first published book … Please let me know when the sequel is out!” –Anonymous

“… [The Vanquished] gave very detailed descriptions which helped me visualize so well. I felt anxious with every page turned to see what was next! … I had a background story to go with on each character. … I felt every emotion she did. … I love the descriptions given of the rooms she would be in. The halls she would roam. It helped me feel I was in the midst of it all! The anticipation of finding out what was next kept me on my toes! … It seems there was always a twist of events … made me keep reading. … dialogue seemed to flow naturally. … I felt a rush when the main character spoke of Alaric. I felt my heart beating fast just as he is described! … I can’t wait to read the next one!” –Meagan Reynolds

“ … [The Vanquished] is the first that I have ever read of the paranormal/sci-fi/fantasy genre. … [Alaric] came across as having real depth to his emotions and a profound and realistic understanding of his feelings and what his role was to be. I felt that Kendra’s pain and excitement was described to be more physical than emotional. I would have loved to know more in-depth of what she was really thinking. I think, in the end, you did much better at describing her emotions and making a true description of her feelings. … I was immediately drawn to Elkridge. … description of the ancient castle was very well done, as were the dorms, the party, the classes. I felt that the town was not adequately described … The dialogue was really very well written! … I really felt the ending was the best part! … The action, the description of what Alaric and Kendra were feeling and facing, it all came together nicely.… Typically, I don’t care for a lot of action. However, I found the action in your book to be well thought out and adequately detailed. The pace was very good. And the ending was really great!” –Beckie Brown